Killing me softly*

my book

Image courtesy: Elizabeta de Lacanne*

That ackward moment when your beautiful editor tells you have a fabulous story in your head but not quite yet on the pages of your book.

First reaction: ???

Second reaction:

-Ok; here we go: I want to understand what that actually means.

I have about 800 pages written but, apparently, the story is not there yet – it´s still inside my head. Outch!!! multiplied by many.

Two options are available:

1. I can throw myself into the nearest river*

2. I can try to dig deeper and bring out MORE & MORE & MORE of the story (characters, moods, scenes, the whole game) that is, according to my editor, still retained in me.

Note: I´ve done some pretty crazy, amazing, difficult things in my life but nothing – so far – has kicked my ass the way this book is doing. Rewriting the whole thing; rebuilding my past and myself along the way. NOT FOR SISSIES…


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