Baby´s on fire*

tumblr_mbpvmbF23v1qf12swo1_500I´ve heard some wonder*ful things from students, sponsors, audiences and strangers throughout my short but intense career. It´s a pity our memory tends to retain the negative, much more than the positive. From all the great things I´ve been told, the one that makes me proudest is:

– You gave me freedom; watching your dance, your performances & choreographies gave me the gift of freedom. – This was a comment from a dear fellow professional dancer whom I dearly respect. Nothing so beautiful has ever been said to me (not that I remember, at least).

Talent is responsibility – I´ve said and written it several times. I repeat: if you´re lucky to know what your talents are and live for/with/off them with the appreciation of the wide public, you have the RESPONSABILITY to work and never take that blessing for granted.

Currently leaving my comfort zone(s) – one more time. Dance wise. Writing wise. Life wise.

New ideias, dreams, territories appearing on my horizon (already expanded by the world which is my stage). BIG NEWS on the WAY!tumblr_mxdkr1klbG1qao0yto1_500

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