In vino veritas*

10926212_657458121025791_8999418906982310079_n– Trust me, you can dance. – Says the wine.
– Trust me, you can write. – Says a voice inside my head, dangerously similar to that wine in colour, scent and taste (mind you: I don´t even drink wine!) while I´m editing my new book, often terrified at the magnitude of the task.

Why do I keep dancing to Dionysus song? I honestly don´t know – who cares why? I mean: why not?
What pulls me towards the Abyss – launching myself on BIG challenges that look way beyond my grasp – is The Call, the urgency, the purpose, an irrational certainty that my life (or death) depends on it.

– Don´t try to understand it, darling – just do it! – I say to myself, as drunk and urgent as the Wine God.


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