Improbable friendships*

Mahfouz-621x414There have been two men who captured Egypt and its people with the Eyes of Geniuses (who see beyond appearances and shadows):
one is Portuguese – Eça de Queiroz – and the other is Egyptian – Naguib Mahfouz (Nobel prize of Literature).

I don´t have regrets in my life basically because I follow my Siren´s Call without hesitation; I DO have unfulfilled wishes: desires life didn´t provide, for reasons I gladly ignore. One of them would have been meeting Naguib Mahfouz in person. He died very shortly after I moved to Egypt and started to perform like a maniac: survival mode burning my feet; no time or head to think about anything except MY GOALS.

One thing´s for sure: we could have been friends, sitting at old coffee-shops (in his beloved Old Cairo), commenting on the “robabbekya”, stopping for a second to inhale Friday morning incense burning all sorrows away, sipping tea, listening to Om Kolthoum and talking about life and the characters it provides with bountiful hands (laughing a LOT while at it).

From all my improbable friendships, this is the one I miss the most.

The newspaper "Al Ahram" in Cairo, Egypt in April, 1990.

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