Precious mirror*

tumblr_mqyjckYKj91r47gyco1_500If you ask me what fascinates me most in life (aside from Jude Law 😉 ), this would be my answer: the Mystery that organizes apparent chaos: the surprises no one sees coming: the way we reap the fruits of the seeds we´ve planted with our hearts on our hands and how this Existence is a school where there´s no beginning and no end.

Eternal students: we are: I am (blessed).

My upcoming book travelled a long way until the present moment: from a seed/idea towards a reality experienced on my skin; from a pack of notes to the structure (still vague) of a book; from a solitary work till the meeting with an editor (wisely suggested by a writer I respect).

We sat – me, for coffee; her, for tea – at Starbucks. Although Lisbon buzz was rolling around us, noise and movement vanished for a while – we seemed to have entered in our own unnamed bubble. Starbucks is not what you´d call a poetic meeting point, I know – it has capitalism written all over it. The spirit that presided this meeting couldn´t be more distant from that capitalist spirit, impregnated with the cold productivity plague we´ve been led to live (and die) for.

Me and my editor – a professional reader who has the critical eye, the practical knowledge, the dettachment and a rational vision the author doesn´t have; a person who helps us clean, polish, improve the raw material and eventually turn a draft into an interesting book worthy of publishing and entering readers´lives – met to discuss the rewriting of my book (3 books, in fact). Outch!





Each letter pinches me on the cheeks ; each word is a needle digging into my flesh; my butt has an epileptic attack at the mention of the subject – it hurts just thinking about it. On the other side of the coin lays the excitement of knowing how amazing these books can be.

Here´s how this particular dance works: editor to (aspirant) writer; woman to woman; fierce soul to fierce soul. I could see it in her eyes – she´s a warrior like me; she understands the whole point (of writing, dancing, fighting if necessary: living!).

In the end, as in the beginning, it´s the HUMAN factor that saves us. From all the tips, guidance and improvement suggestions I´ve received from this beautiful editing partner, the one that brings the best in me is precisely her belief that I have something precious to deliver. No data, knowledge, networking, recommendations, guidance are as precious as these simple, life changing words:

-I believe in your talent and I know you can do something great.

Nothing beats it – especially if the usual support you´ve ever enjoyed was: “YOU CANNOT DO IT; WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!”

Once I realized what was this all about, I bowed in reverence to life & to myself: mirrors, baby – it´s a question of mirrors.


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