Feel the fear and do it anyway*

10364156_642639855818133_6500014348944498133_nHere´s how the list goes:

A cup of coffee;

A candle;

The right light (not too much; not too little);


Will power & enthusiasm – something that makes me persist, work harder, go deeper into my potential and quit the fear of GREATNESS.

The scenario is set up: re-writing my book (volume I of a trilogy that has been keeping me dizzy for the past 3 years) is ON. Instead of editing it I´m re-creating it from scratch: an whole new book being born under my fingers.

I often ask myself why. Why am I doing this? I´m a professional dancer, for God´s sake! Why would I sit on a chair, endless hours of staring at a screen, instead of doing what I´m most comfortable with?

The question answers itself in silence – I don´t need to say it out loud or write it down. I MUST do it: that´s all (and enough).

giphy (1)

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