Who does she think she is?

10377435_1490881971141079_4550632722186657493_n It´s a fact: people who hate themselves become highly disturbed at the sight of people who love themselves. If all you see in you are flaws, mistakes, weaknesses & reasons to feel ashamed of, nothing is more annoying than hearing someone (that bitch!) saying they actually appreciate how great they know they are.

-What do you mean you know you´re great?!

-I mean exactly what I said: I´m great. Furthermore: I´m special, unique, irreplaceable.

-Oh, man…you´re so vain…who do you think you are?

-I´m Joana. Me. Moi memme. Yo misma. What about you – who do you think you are?

It´s a classic and it keeps repeating itself – till exhaustion; till destruction – if mentalities don´t change. Self-esteem doesn´t mean vanity, ego or the assumption you´re more than everyone else. How can you be more than everyone else when you don´t even compare yourself to other people?!

It just means you love yourself and you happen to know you´re unique because – tchan, tchan, tchan, tchan...- YOU (we) ARE.10402497_10203338105886227_4600939478839537805_n

Impossible not to meet this old story every time I teach Oriental Dance – especially to women – or during conversations with female friends. Men don´t have so many problems about saying: I know I´m fabulous (even when they´re clearly not). Most women do (even when they´re fantastic).

I can see their eyes rolling when I dare stating how much I appreciate who I am. They have forgotten how amazing they also are so this mirror makes their basis shake.

In dance as in life: if you don´t appreciate who you are, nobody will. There´s a person behind the dancer and it´s that person who animates and embodies – literally – the dance. That person is UNIQUE – bringing exclusive treasures to the table, stage, life – and so is everybody else.


Teaching Oriental Dance is – on a big extent – about reeducating minds & sensibilities (aside from opening hearts and reconnecting body, mind, heart & soul); it´s about building a positive self-image, a self-trust that allows creativity to flow. If you think you´re nothing and you have nothing of precious to share with the world, how will your dance (and life) be?

When you realize how much potential you carry inside, the juices start to flow. It´s from that flow the Magical* Dance of the Orient is made of.


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