The Dance*


Me, as a little (fierce & wild) girl*

“Dance your smile; dance your tear.
Dance your life & death.
Dance light and darkness, the sun and the moon.
Dance the table and all the turned tables you wish you could forget.
Dance the page and its reverse.
Dance the awakening and the sleepiness that precedes abandon.
Dance joy and dance sadness.
Dance mourning and dance celebration.
Dance hope and despair – twist despair with a pirouette and see it turning into faith.
Dance the ceiling and the floor, the blue, bright sky and the damp underground where creatures of the night crawl, play and plot.
Dance the sweet and the sour.
Dance what you´d like to paint and dance what you´d like to hide – no shame in Existence.
Dance the possible and dance the im-POSSIBLE.
Dance love and dance the hate – when hate is danced it turns into Love. Dance.”


Me, as a fierce and wild grown up (sort of 😉 ), performing in Cairo, Egypt*


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