What´s left after you take the glitter off?

984212_749160508472959_3248148443027061182_n     Can we separate the dance from the dancer or the dancer from the person behind the dancer? Can we break reality into pieces that don´t touch each other or separate the air from the fire and the water from the earth? Can we – ever?

Egyptian Oriental Dance is an infallible mirror – everything you really are comes through in each movement (or pause – the scary pause...). Then, why wouldn´t we want to expose who we really are, right?! Who wouldn´t want that? What´s the problem about showing/sharing who you are?

Oh, boy.

In the midst of all the movements, knowledge, practice, preparation of different sorts, there´s the ESSENCE of this dance – that essence is YOUrself.

If you dare dancing like a human being – instead of moving like a machine who keeps saying blah, blah, blah without ever saying something – you will find out the fascinating (often terrifying) truth: what makes your dance magical is you, your presence, inner world, emotional life, memories, thoughts, charisma: YOUR EXISTENCE. A problem arises from this conclusion: if I take off the glitter, fancy technique, sumptuous outfit, sophisticated choreography and professional pose, what´s left? If I stop for a second – or more – and stand there, in silence & stillness, owning my space (life), breathing in and out, exposing my heart like an open door that invites the world in, what will happen? If I expose my raw self, my soul, my human presence without any artifice, disguise or distraction and show – no tricks, no masks – who I am, whom will I find?


Sacred mantra*

There´s a  famous song that says “sorry seems to be the hardest word”. I disagree. The hardest words are “I am enough.” Resisting the pressure to prove myself – while dancing/living – and allowing moments of simple existence within my dance is not only a sign of artistic maturity but a direct pathway to heaven (in other words: “Tarab”).

Stop the mindless, souless, heartless talk – the empty do-do-do-blah-blah-blah which means zero – and give yourself the chance to LISTEN, PAUSE, PAY ATTENTION, BREATHE, REACT and ACT upon the music (life – again and always); allow yourself to STOP, to ENJOY the road and to say exactly what you mean. Do less, perhaps, but say something true that arises directly from your soul. It takes courage and integrity – no doubt; it can also take you where you always wished to arrive.


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