Joana Saahirah On Line Courses – Beautiful Mirrors*

10458773_667487440000041_7634352508370543665_nAm I lucky? Is this luck? Some will argue we attract our mirrors – the people who surround you are a reflexion of what you carry inside; others will shout: bullshit! I´m somewhere in the middle.

One thing is certain: the women I´m teaching on my NEW ON LINE PRIVATE COURSES are fabulous in every single way. They don´t know how much strength, focus, wisdom, insights, purpose and faith they give me – I´m the teacher so I´m the one who´s expected to give, inspire and expand their dance (and, perhaps, their life) but this adventure works in mysterious ways. It takes two to tango and – here we go again – I may be the luckiest teacher in the world.

If the women I teach are a reflexion of what I carry inside, I´m beautiful – simply beautiful. Here´s my small love declaration to all of you (you know who you are): thanks for your gorgeous existence and for offering me the pleasure and privilege to guide you in this magical journey*

P.S: Funny how things work. The giver is the receptor (and vice-versa).10246710_1478606685701941_5743154523247069481_n

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