Guilty as charged*


Image courtesy: Felicia Elias.

Seems simple, doesn´t it?

Try stucking a professional dancer to a chair for endless hours, only moving her fingers against the keyboard & throwing all her emotions over a computer. Ahhhh! Not easy. I´ve never liked easy, anyways…

Let´s GO! 

P.S: I recently found that having an editor working on my book with me is like being a child to a new parent (hello, Mr. Freud!). Finding the balance between our creative conviction and the perspective of our editor – who wishes to come up with the best book we can produce – is tricky but interesting, another way to push me towards that extra mile that I may not see if I´m doing it alone. I realize who I am – as well as my writing purpose – along the way.

No denying: the editor also works as an emotional support and insecurity eraser – someone who believes in our talent and pushes us to do our best. Need it. Love it.  
giphy (1)


You can order your own autographed copy of “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” via email (

Proud of what was already created (my first published book

The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond“) and eager to be and do even better.

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