Only absolute generosity does the trick*

logosjoanasaahirahI know there are many heads – with their own peculiar kinds of logic – and purposes in life; I know you can do your job with an half-ass attitude or dishonestly and get away with murder (and occasional finantial fortune as well). I know.

Above everything, I know myself and how I think and work: for me, CREATIVE work (may that be dancing, choreographing, teaching, writing, acting, etc) is about absolute honesty and GENEROSITY. That all or nothing kind of talk you may have heard me mentioning. Mediocrity doesn´t even annoy me anymore – I´m too focused on my own Path, always a step ahead of the copy machines 😉

If you dance, deliver your soul on that stage. Anything less than that will be outdated, boring, predictable & highly dispensable (a waste of time for you and your audience);

If you choreograph, SEARCH for the undone, unseen, un-tried (does this word exist?!);

If you teach, GIVE all you´ve got. Yes, you read it well: give your students ALL you know; don´t retain information and keep the real goodies for you in the fear of competition (a very sad and common attitude). A dancer who´s not confidentLogosjoanasaahirahtwo enough in her own skin, talent, knowledge and skills to share everything she knows should NOT be teaching. If you´re too afraid somebody will “steal your place” as soon as you deliver everything you have, you´re not only weak (as a dancer and as a person) but messed up by illusion.

If you DANCE who you are, nobody else can do it like you. Period. Knowledge is transmissable – talent, charisma, your particular personality and soul are NOT. If you´re not aware of this, you don´t even deserve to be called a teacher.

There can be no Oriental Dance revolution – much delayed and urgent – without a personal revolution.

Wake up and inspire others to do the same – the rest is a plastic bag filled with greasy cheap fried potatoes.

Here are some new Teaching Tools – Joana Saahirah Diagrams – I´ve created for my PRIVATE ON LINE STUDENTS (inspired by the lovely Sonja Antanasijevik). I want to thank, once more, my students for inspiring me to be better than I was yesterday, every single day.


    10530731_10153006250264886_6352248677117068479_n 10947298_927459307277947_2921472369494899083_n 10945726_926838064006738_2453410845465043415_n

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