Unexpected temptation*

bookI know I shouldn´t but it´s stronger than my will: this addiction for books, the most unexpected books (like “The Genius and the Goddess – Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe”).

I keep repeating: you don´t have time to read all those books – STOP buying them compulsively. Still...it´s a drug, a love affair, a fatal attraction with total power over me.

How could I resist that old second-hand bookshop I used to visit when I studied Acting at the Conservatoire in Lisbon? That enchanted place where I discovered Shakespeare, IbsenTchekov and Stanislavski? That nook where everything is interesting, stimulating & pointing out to new worlds? Then let me tell you about the the smell: The Smell of old books – a mix of the smell of the people who read them and Time.. Ahhhhh..bliss.

Unconsciously, I grabbed a book I really (?) don´t need to read – especially when I have my own books to read (and edit) and scary mountains of items on my TO READ NOW list. The relationship between Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller – go figure! Why on earth did I buy this book and why am I loving it so much?


Side note: Kindle, Ebooks and Ebullshit: screw you! A book lover needs a REAL book to dig his/her teeth in. Thank you every much!

These are questions we probably shouldn´t throw at an addict. 

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