Pick your berries!

10926212_657458121025791_8999418906982310079_n Sometimes we cannot avoid it: crazy it is (for the sake of mental sanity, curiously enough; for the sake of our smile; for the sake of our journey).Whatever picks me up is welcome: wine doesn´t work because I don´t drink alcohol; a superficial, ridiculous, even funny reminder that I have a generous “derrière” does the trick; coffe helps as well – generous amounts of it. A reminder of life´s ironies: in order to keep yourself balanced on the rope, you gotta fall into some kind of excess and ridiculous ideas . Why not? I´m allowed to be silly, once in a while 😉

The important is to keep moving with renewed passion – accepting that every mountain has a valley (or more) and there´s no UP without low and no low without UP.

Dancing the waves~~~ with all sorts of (not so terrible) excesses!10923698_653896888048581_5026901503992556230_n

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