Good girl book: “When the drummers were women”

book coverI´ve just complained about my irrational purchase of yet another book (about Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller!) I think I don´t need to read; here´s something that can – sort of – take me off the hook: a book every dancer/musician should probably read:

When the drummers were women – a spiritual history of rhythm” by Layne Redmond.

I got mine through Amazon – that little company that will be my finantial ruin 😉 – and it´s not new, another second hand gem that arrived with a vintage postcard between its yellow, dusty, delicious pages.

Just because I´m feeling generous (and slightly guilty), here´s another reading suggestion for every well behaved dancer who is truly interested in her/his craft:

Razzle, Dazzle – the life and work of Bob Fosse” by Kevin Boyd Grubb. This gem was not found in the devil´s cave – aka Amazon – but in another temptation palace called Strand bookshop, in Nebob fossew York.

Let the Feast begin!

P.S: for all the lazy bones who claim a dancer doesn´t have to work and study for her/his craft: you should be planting potatoes or tomatoes (your choice).

Lack of interest, work, discipline and serious commitment to dance is only cool when you´re not a profissional and have no intention of becoming one. If you assume yourself as such, that behaviour is NOT cool or smart – it´s just a sad absence of passion for the art and disrespect towards yourself as well as for towards dance you claim to represent.

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