“I got dreams to remember…”

10462411_700387203415269_6977854713818269136_nHow I wish things fell from the sky...how I wish! They never have, so far, and I learn from experience. Translation: if I don´t work my ass off for everything I want, nothing happens: zero: blank: stale frustration.

We´re back to this conversation, aren´t we? I guess we are – we´ll probably always be.

Breathing deeply, taking some time to re-focus (shutting down the world noise) and rolling up my sleeves:

1. My new book to work on with my (marvellous) editor.Then taking care of its publishing – can´t wait; what an Odyssey!

2. New work to prepare for my 2015 travels*

3. New Teaching project – pioneer, visionary, revolutionary, completely out of the box. Arriving soon.

4. BIG decisions to make and this damned (blessed?) fog in front of my eyes, not allowing me to see/feel clearly. Arrgh! When will the sun come out and clear this blurred horizon?

5. New dreams flourishing from my heart – dreams I barely confess to myself; dreams that will change all my life; dreams that throw me into the scariest sea: intimate LOVE*

ccccThe only way is up (and ahead). Let´s do it*********************

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