New Moon Wishes*

1517499_1529509250625289_6449256768321396027_nLife has multiple ways of offering us opportunities to begin – once, twice, how many times we wish (or need). Each morning brings hidden – unnoticed – doors that we may choose to open or run away from. Some doors seem too heavy and scary to open, I agree; yet staying in the same place, stale and shrinking from our own fears, is no fun.

Being a coward is not my forte; furthermore: I hate losing (meaning of losing: giving up on a promise I made to myself) so I often find myself in front of challenges that may seem, at times, too overwhelming – even for a warrior like me.

This New moon (in Aquarius) is just what the doctor ordered: my own (birth) moon resides in Aquarius and I know how much it helps me: ah, the Visions!

I say WISH* and make it happen with your own hands – the Universe will eventually follow. If the BIGGER PLAN agrees with your individual plan, the water reaches the Ocean but you gotta pay your dues, baby!

I also say: don´t put all your eggs in one basket. If you´re not a natural multi-tasker, you better learn how to, at least, light up your radar so you don´t waste (or refrain from creating) opportunities. Many roads lead to Rome and a closed door doesn´t have to mean THE END. Open your eyes and look around – there are so many ways to create your dream.

May I add a small compliment to Obsession? I know what wise people say: VIRTUE is in the middle. That´s pretty and probably an horizon to pursue but I know no GREAT achievement that existed without a good dose of Obsession: absolute focus: passion: perseverance: the stubborn fist that rises up and yells “let´s keep going” when things get tangled in trouble and the roads get too rough.

I don´t have (just) a DREAM – I have many* and my only wish is that Life agrees with the dreamt plan. The rest is on me.


– You tell them, sister!

Happy New Moon/Beginnings!

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