Yey! Let´s get boring.

10168228_10202782266871656_1120244970984984438_nRoutine is not my favourite thing in the world – go figure! One of the perks of being an independent artist is the luxury of choosing the work I wish to do and refuse the work I don´t want; the people I would like to collaborate with and the people I just like to ignore or throw in a river (any river). It´s also about my your own boss and having the freedom to manage my agenda around my dreams and the things that matter to me.

The thing is: when no one is ordering you to work and no pre-determined working day structure is provided, you MUST do it yourself with constant self-discipline and focus.You´re the boss, the employee and the fiscalization department – 3 for the price of 1.

I think I´ve been doing a good job where my Dance Work is concerned – now I have to do it with my Writing work as well. The initial idea was to keep the first months of 2015 JUST for TEACHING & WRITING (editing volume I of “Diary of Egypt” trilogy & deliver it to the publisher; edit volumes II & III of the trilogy or attempt my 1st romance writing – yes, I´m nuts; I´ve said it 1000 times).

Traveling for work will restart in March which gives me enough time to deliver the goodies I promised myself I would give birth to during 2015. It´s wonder*ful to travel around the world doing the job I´ve always dreamt about but it´s also great to rest a bit – of airports, security, bags and restless wandering – and be able to do different things.

10532797_648358968602373_373546745813702743_nGood girl plan:

Morning: early bird sits at desk with a cup of coffee by her side and works, diligent and passionately, until lunch. Brief pause for lunch (no bread with olives allowed).

Afternoon: Choreographing the new pieces I´m preparing; teaching my PRIVATE ON LINE CLASSES (a success; a 10407926_10152837099799886_7483212020762852121_nfascinating challenge and a school where I´m learning more than I could have ever imagined) until 9pm. Dinner, if I have the energy for it.

Night: sleep. Not very original, I agree. Still essencial.

Extra duties: training in the gym & going for runs outdoors in order to clear the head and recharge batteries.

Cookies: meeting friends; cinema and reading therapy.

Yep – that was the plan: the not so much fun plan. Don´t get me wrong: I love everything I do but having specific times for this and for that and being constantly working can be a bore. Surprising, eh?

This good girl has been able to keep most of this Convent Mode Plan except for the “writing in the morning” part. No way around it: I have to learn to disconnect and simply say NO!

Emails, Fb messages, blog updates, requests (of informations, advice, videos, music, choreographies, you name it…) from sponsors, students, dancers, strangers. I usually enjoy interacting with people and I don´t deny that´s an important part of my job but the day has 24 hours and I HAVE to define priorities and learn how to CLOSE THE DOOR. 

The decision is made: from next Monday, the world ceases to exist from 7.30am till 1pm. Being a hermit – for a while, at least – will bear its fruits, that I promise. Emails and Fb messages will not be promptly answered, as usual; this blog will be under low maintenance mode for a couple of months and I´ll request your patience and support.

I wish great books fell from the sky but, so far, they haven´t (not that I know of).  Yallah! Let´s do IT*********************

writing mode is on

Oh, yeah!

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