Sugar Daddy babe*

10923542_649017241869879_6647425045000321452_nSense of humour is probably the most unfairly underestimated quality. One thing´s for sure: laughing (at life´s ironies, at myself, at anything and anyone that comes my way) has saved my life on several occasions. Aside from the practical purpose of this hidden treasure (it´s kind of cool to save your life), I´m a compulsive joker and I laugh out loud: OUT LOUD. The “making fun at everything” gene came from my father´s side and it shows no sign of cooling down – it gets sharper with time and with the idiotic stuff we find along the way.

One of the things that makes me laugh louder is the excuses I hear – constantly; stubbornly – from lazy bones who are too afraid to get to work and make their dreams come true with their own hands. I´ve heard “my success” was due to:

1. Luck. The highest irony of all, except if you consider BEING alive (after murder attempt by crazy ex-boyfriend) a lucky strike – in that case, I´m with you: my success is due to luck because I obviously wouldn´t make it if I was dead.

2. Charisma. No, I don´t know how to do my job – I just have a bombastic charisma that makes people blind and wanting to hire me (to perform, teach and lecture). Wowza: that must be a mean, bigger than life charisma! I think I´m overwhelmed with my own charisma as well – I may hire myself to perform any time soon.

3. Sugar daddies. Oh, my. Sadly, I´ve always fell in love with men who couldn´t or/and wouldn´t want to support my career. Most of them were even against it and made a very clear effort to make me stop – if you consider it as “career support”, I suggest you look for a shrink.

Many & long stories: you´ll have to read about it on my upcoming book (Trilogy “Diary of Egypt”).

4. Marketing. Bam! Another irony, if you know a bit about my professional & personal journey.

I´ve refused movie roles in Egypt because they didn´t dignify my craft – one of them became an international movie: “Whatever Lola wants”;  I´ve also refused television shows for the same reason. I´m your Classic Anti-Diplomatic person and I´m lousy at public relations/marketing.

If sharing my work with conviction (passion) and joy means I´m a marketing expert, then we´re heading somewhere. Aside from that – screw the excuses, ladies & gentlemen! Please consider the possibility of guts, BIG risk taking, talent and serious/persistent work. It´s not glamorous – I know; it´s just the truth.


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