Joana Saahirah & “The Secrets of Egyptian Dance” back to USA in 2015*

1459213_502327526531270_350689523_nHonoured and excited to announce my return to USA (November 2015)*

Workshops & show/lecture that aim high – way above your old, outdated & limited version of “belly dance”. Hootchie koochie era is gone, baby! Body, mind, heart & soul are returning and so is the TRUE magic of this ancient art/healing form.10806215_10152992666254886_7453505273975265541_n

The seeds that were planted in 2014 bear fruits and expand in front of my eyes. One thing´s for sure: I´ll never do my job with half of my heart – it´s ALL or nothing. Let´s ROCK, USA! Rest assured: Magic will* happen on Uncle Sam´s ground.

More infos about these events and others around the world (England, China, Brazil, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey and more) arriving soon*

10451890_921259694564575_2959223889062456408_n 10923525_408678499291425_6621185217103385529_n

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