Many roads lead to Rome*

10931258_917960574894487_790650761643652989_n“Many roads can lead to Rome”, this is what Portuguese say. Meaning: there are many ways to reach a destination, may that be an actual place or a dream.

I believe dreams make sense when we reach them with our souls untouched and our innocence preserved; I also believe that our perceptions of victory and success change with time and life experience. Furthermore: what is – apparently – a dream can turn out to be a nightmare (and vice-versa). Who knows what?! Nobody knows a thing.

Living & learning (with the certainty that we remain ignorants, no matter how much we think we know and no matter how curious we are).

Seeing Life as a big, surprising and mysterious adventure which unfolds from within is not an option: it´s an obvious fact.

Wishing everyone walks their particular Road(s) with self-respect and courage – the rest is on Life/God´s hands.

10897929_916406435049901_1429689915199452434_n 10917266_916406305049914_625026445134041708_n

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