Dream man, come rescue me…

10409652_950834664926652_7721358434149778779_nI´m a freedomfreak; I´m also a workaholic and an artist with a career and work I love like a mad woman. I have a beloved family, friends and students spread all over the world and many things I adore doing aside from my work (sports, books, cinema, traveling, etc). Add my individuality, absolute need for air and respect to that cocktail and you will easily understand why my patience for “relationship” drama is bellow zero.

Disrespecting me? – You´re OUT, gentleman.

Taking me for granted – You´re OUT, gentleman.

Trying to cut my wings and keep on the ground so other men don´t take me away (oh, yes, these creatures exist!) – You´re OUT, gentleman.

Cheating, lying, dreaming about making a fool of me? – You´re OUT, gentleman.

You´re bothered that I´m successful, intelligent and not particularly impressed by the simple fact that you´re from the male species – You´re OUT, gentleman.

The list goes on and on. Even positive things have a dark side: I LOVE myself and my own company (the best in the world!) – therefore I don´t need a man to love me or fulfill my loneliness. That self-love can be an obstacle to my relationship with men – at least the men I´ve met so far.

If I love him, he loves me and that combination brings something positive to my life, we´re ON. If not, bye-bye and see you next life.

I understand many people – women and men – are terrified of being by themselves and believe that having a partner by their side (even a jerk; even a cheater; even someone who bullies, mistreats, tortures and makes her/his life miserable) is better than being by oneself. I´m (for better and for worse) not one of them. My inner world is so rich, interesting, beautiful and alive – why wouldn´t I want to live in it and celebrate it?! My life is full, exciting and busy – really busy. Why would I lose time & energy with someone who´s less than amazing? If a great man joins me for this ride, better. If not, I´m still happy and rocking. Life´s too short for any kind of mediocrity.


A little something for the ladies 😉

What makes things harder – or more interesting – is my passionate nature and my love for men. I like them, I find them – some of them – fun, inspiring and wonderful to be with. They also possess that blessed/damned testosterone – irresistible. Despite my publicly assumed love for men, I admit: I love myself more. Is this good? Bad? Who knows? Who holds the answers?

One thing is certain:  WOMEN have changed drastically in these last decades. They don´t depend on men to survive – finantially speaking, above all – and they´re finally getting INDEPENDENT, rich, full lives aside from the traditional roles that were destined to them for many centuries: wives and mothers.

Life´s changed too – no one knows what tomorrow will bring. The social structures that held our grandparents and parents lives are gone. Flowing with Chaos & Unknown seems to be on the table and that uncertainty covers every aspect of our existence – relationships included.

Mobility is here, more than ever: today I´m in Spain & tomorrow I´m off to Japan. I meet hundreds of people along the Roads, getting in direct touch of different ways of life and human relations.

Employment in one single place, social security and other safety nets people had in the past aren´t holding us anymore. Admit it. Face it. Rock it the best you can. 

There must be a new compass to navigate this New Ocean but I haven´t found it yet and I suspect most of us haven´t as well. One thing I know for sure: I want TRUE, GENUINE LOVE – a love that is sustained by itself. I refuse fake love for the sake of security, appearances, career advancements, finantial benefits or any other reason that doesn´t come from PURE feeling.

Losing my identity, freedom, self-respect and life along the way is a deal breaker. Sorry, gentlemen, but NO.

I don´t know if there are men – NEW men of this NEW world – out there who feels/thinks the same but I hope there are. Meanwhile, I´ll keep enjoying each second of this amazing, abundant life I was given to co-build. Let the cherry arrive to the top of the cake. 1907931_10204991529566060_1059448750502281371_n

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