Turning enemies into friends*

10665811_698389556909829_488796132991071130_nMy childhood served me well – I´m gang & street girl all the way. Some of the soul´s darkest corners have been transformed into my dear companions a long time ago.  I think I´d miss them if they chose to bother someone else (something that will hardly happen: I heard they have loads of brothers and sisters spread around the world, a big family that reaches every human being). Fear and insecurities – crowned with the “pièce de resistance”: I CAN´T DO IT! – can be allies, instead of just rocks on the road.

Feel the fear and do it anyway” has been my motto since forever. I found out I couldn´t erase fear and insecurities – not for good, at least. I could battle them once or twice, when I felt stronger,more focused and confident, but they would always return, stronger than ever. If you can´t beat them, join them – right?

Fear can be turned into excitement and a challenge you just CANNOT decline.

Insecurities can serve as an EXTRA PUSH that makes you do better, better and better.It can also keep you humble and with your feet on the ground when you´re flying high. This kind of balance makes interesting artists but, what is more important, insteresting human beings.

I say: “what the hell!” Embrace what you cannot change and work WITH IT, not against it. You cannot fight your own shadow because it´s an integral part of your light.

As I enter a Rocky Mountain zone, once more, I cannot stop but asking my old friends to follow me on the Journey. I know they´ll be there inspiring me, making me pull my hair off (thanks for the courtesy), keeping me humble and pushing me to be a better version of myself.

A queen on the fall and a peasant on the rise – always with dignity and self-worth awareness.

Here we go!


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