That damned crazy woman!

10394499_874314169285432_8714180993043160856_nHave no doubt about it, wise man. 

If she´s hot & single, she´s probably crazy enough to respect herself and not stand for less than a man who deserves her. If she´s hot & single, she probably loves her own company so much that she won´t share it with someone less than great (someone who will be a bonus to her happiness).

If she´s hot & single, she´s probably aware that feeling the void of loneliness doesn´t mean LOVING and BEING LOVED.

How curious (odd) we tend to consider FREEDOM and DIGNITY as crazyness…oh, this crazy world of ours: everything seems to be turned upside down.


Not sometimes. Most of the times 😉

2 thoughts on “That damned crazy woman!

    • As we´ve heard in “Alice in Wonderland”, all the best people are (crazy).
      Notions of NORMALITY are highly relative and often built upon totally screwed up ideas and hipocrisy. I say SELF LOVE and RESPECT come first and we must take nothing less than a mirror of who we are as a partner. Filling the void, filling the loneliness and the fear of not fitting in with men/women who don´t add something positive to our lives is certainly an opion but not a good one, as far as I see it. But, hey, I´m one of the crazy ones so… 😉 never mind what I say.


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