The Goat is back*

10532360_10153093166179750_1358344690773378646_n I´m constantly saying I love challenges but I´ve come to the conclusion that it works the other way around: challenges love me; I just make my best to deal with them like a pro. That´s all. Or maybe not.

What would life be without challenges? Boring, to say the least. I thrive on challenges – it´s a fact. I fall asleep when everything is too smooth, easy and comfortable (just letting you know that, for me, the periods when things are too smooth, easy and comfortable are so short and unsettling I can hardly feel them). No surprise we keep walking side by side: me and those guys called “challenges”.

When I think I´m off the hook – just a little, just for a while -, there comes Life and throws a MAJOR test over my head.

-Let us see what matter you are made of. – It keeps repeating, sly smile on its foggy face.

-You´ve already seen what matter I´m made of, you jerks! – This is what I think but don´t dare to say out loud. It´s not worth it, they won´t listen.

What to do? Cross my arms and quit, waiting for wolves to devour me (as dear Bridget Jones once did?); throw myself into a river? Yell, cry, stomp my feet on the ground like a 3 year old, repeat “it´s not fair” to the winds? I mean: I can. It won´t take me anywhere. I´ve tried the wishful thinking method and relaxed, sat still and flowed with life (la, la, la, larira...) but no goblin brought me the magic pill: no fairy made my wish come true: no elf took me where I dreamt to go. I remained right where I was, exhausted and more freaked out than ever.

January starts with a BAM! The Goat is back.


Image courtesy: Elizabeta de Lacanne*

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