Joana Saahirah Blog 100th follower!

thanksThanks, thanks, thanks. This new, little, heart felt writing nook has won its 100th follower. I couldn´t be happier or more grateful!

Although artists and writers do what they do because they can´t stop doing it (well, I´m speaking for myself, at least), the truth is that creating without an audience who appreciates what you do must be a bloody frustrating drag.

I´ve been lucky enough to have audiences as my biggest allies in everything I do (acting, dancing, teaching, writing) from a very early age so I cannot complain. Never compromised what I knew was my truth (integrity) or fell under the “please them” spell; always did exactly what I felt was the right thing for me and still had the luxury of being understood, appreciated and respected by increasing crowds. How many artists/authors can fairly say the same?!

My Happy 2015 wishes and THANK YOU note are here delivered to every follower of this blog, every sponsor, student, audience member and supporter of my creative passions. You are an essential part of this Magic*********************cwkss

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