Hit the target, baby!

A new Joana Saahirah PRIVATE ON LINE COURSE started yPost about Female Confidence and the reactions it provokesesterday (with a dancer from Japan) and another is starting today (with a dancer from Alaska, USA).

Face to face; mind to mind; heart to heart and soul to soul – nothing less than that. The target is always beyond the predictable data dropping over dancers´ heads. Not that I don´t have a lot of data, choreographies and steps to throw over their heads – by God, I do! But Egyptian Oriental Dance and my Purpose in this field are not, as far as I´ve discovered, limited by throwing information on people.

The purpose of this dance and my target aims higher than that: I want to stretch, open, discover, expand, question, allow freedom to happen in people´s lives. Using this magical dance as a tool to make it is wonder*ful but, mind you!,  it´s only a tool.

Turning average dancers into great dancers or/and Teachers feels amazing but not even that can be achieved if I don´t push further than the regular 1,2,3, turn and repeat boring monologue. You cannot efficiently educate dancers without reeducating people and awaken them towards their UNIQUENESS and CREATIVE POWER. My target is to make those flowers flourish and, in doing so, flourish a little further as well.

2015 starts with two MAJOR ROADS I´m happy to embrace: my upcoming books (trilogy “Diary of Egypt”) and NEW formats of teaching On Line. Both of these roads allow me to dig deeper in my craft and expand myself as a creative person and a teacher.

Another NEW ROADS are opening and will be made public in their right timing plus the world trips that keep increasing on my agenda and a BIG MOVE during 2015. The TARGET that unites these dots is one and clear – clearer than ever.

Having the Vision* of w10014662_607097299372389_1663635089_nhat I was born to do is reason enough to feel grateful. I am. Grateful and blessed – let´s rock every road, 2015!


Rocking the stage in Thessaloniki, Greece (December 2014)*

***NOTE: for informations about my PRIVATE ON LINE COURSES, feel welcome to email me (dancemagica@gmail.com)

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