The Wild ones (annoying) confidence*

10403724_704096269672491_532780122010080811_nMice a wolves; eagles and frightened little birds; cats and dogs; the alpha dog and the rest of the pack. It´s pretty obvious: the universe is perfect in its endless apparent imperfection.

Some are born leaders and some are born followers and it couldn´t be any other way. Who would follow the leaders if there weren´t any followers?

Being a leader of my own life and simply refusing to take NO for an answer (where my dreams are concerned) attracks too many admirers (potential haters). I´m always reticent towards adoration – the ones who adore you and put you on a pedestal have the potential to hate you sooner or later. Don´t adore me, please! – respect is enough.

If being a leader of my own life attracks admiration & haters, you don´t wanna know about the sin of being a CONFIDENT woman, someone who believes in her own skills and is not afraid to express it. If you want to know how to get a taste of hell, you may add the COURAGE to risk flying higher (the only way is up, darling!) – oh, man…this is a bombastic cocktail!

Dads feel afraid for daughters like these – what man will be able to handle her? They´ll surely feel terrified and run away.

Mothers may admire daughters like these but they can´t refrain from feeling worried about their future and their wild, wild (west) nature.

Other women tend to feel, at least, disturbed when faced with this mirror that reminds them who they can be (and often choose not to be).

I´m great and I know it and so are you, if only you could see it! – Nothing scarier can be told to most women. Still I keep doing it and facing some damned shit storms.

Men feel – dad was right! – terrified, overwhelmed and clueless when facing one of these specimens.

I´ve been told to take it a notch (or two, three or four) down on several occasions: don´t be so loud, so present, so strong, so funny, so intelligent, so intense, so confident, so free, so opinionated, so this, so that – basically: don´t be so alive*.

My years of career and life in Egypt were particularly rich in this kind of hell but outside of Egypt – in countries I consider more civilized – the picture is not so different. Underneath the polished, modern, open minded surface, remains a creed that wild, brave, bright and confident women are DANGEROUS. Some men are trying to deal with them but they´re not there yet; many others are still trying to silence them, minimize their shine (maybe even putting it off) and making them feel like aliens with skin covered in scales.

I find them – these truly wild women – glorious; I cherish, respect and love them as I cherish, respect and love myself (because I´m one of them and I´m not afraid to say it).

2015 will see several NEW and AMAZING arriving. One of them will be a MAGICAL COURSE I´m preparing (based on my first published book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond“): the heart of that course will be bringing the WILD WOMAN back. Living with a purpose is bliss; living with several purposes that keep unfolding and expanding in front of my eyes is divine. Let´s do IT and screw the pack.


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