The Fall (of a sinner)*

anigif_enhanced-13608-1403724061-20Hello. My name is Joana and I´m a bookaholic (as well as a Jude Lawaholic but that´s an whole other addiction). – I tell them, almost ashamed and staring at the floor – as I probably should -, introducing myself at a “Bookaholics anonymous” meeting.

The facts are tragic: I never leave a bookshop without buying a new book (one or more). If I tell you that I´m attracted to bookshops like bees to honey, you know how much I spend on books – pretty much the same as regular shopaholics spend on shoes and cloths. Extra worrying fact: I have an whole room full of books and piles of many others spread all over the place (bedroom, bathroom, living room, car, purse, you name it…), waiting to be read. I wouldn´t have enough time to read them if I lived 200 years and did nothing in life except reading.

Still...I keeptumblr_n4g0c4k93o1twli5zo3_250 drinking, desperatly & passionately, from this honey pot; I keep falling in temptation (oh: I gotta have that one: I gotta read that one: my existence depends on that book!). It´s irrational and kind of stupid (a contradiction to the purpose of reading books which are supposed to educate and stimulate our intelligence) – it´s better than drugs and I use that weak argument in my defense.

There I was… I had to disregard the piles of books that cover every corner of my life and splash in the sins of lust, gluttony and sensuality – all at once. I had to – that´s what compulsions and addictions are about.

A magnificent book about London stared at me, awakening my demons and my angels; A BOOK ABOUT LONDON, the most magnificent, thrilling, fascinating city on earth (in my opinion). Come on, how could I NOT?!

 London by Taschen – a dream come true.

Beaming with its owner´s pride, this book is now resting  on my coffee table (like the crown jewel it is), waiting to be tasted as it deserves: the royal manner. More than recommended – this is a MUST for every member of the Club*


When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

Samuel Johnson

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