How the mighty fall* (or not)

10704013_10152696250610568_4755559946369619504_nEverybody seems to love a sudden, unexpected, often undeserved victory with the respective dramatic fall; very few people tolerate a worthy winner who sustains his/her success for a long time and refuses to go down the toilet.

I never got it – this strange phenomenon – yet I deal with it as with everything else (as creatively as possible). It doesn´t even annoy me anymore – it´s a small mosquito I´ve learnt to live.

If you manage to keep yourself riding the waves without drowing for a consistent amount of time people start to wonder WHY and HOW COME you do it (it CANNOT be!). They create amazing fictional stories about your life (she did this, that and therefore), search for skeletons in the closet and offer extraordinary reasons that may justify – just a bit – your long sustained mountain climb.

I´ve heard it all: sleeping with this and that man (usually guys whose ass I kicked with might and pleasure); having a secret “sponsor” (a rich, old and decadent lover, of course); being just a  Charisma phenomenon (in other words: she has no talent but knows how to make the best of her charisma, that´s all!). Oh, man! Human imagination never stops to astonish me.

No one seems to consider the obvious: a combination of talent, serious and persistent work, intelligence and a strong character with focus and sacrifice ability. Yep: those can take you far, so far it makes most people´s heads spin, although they rarely cross critics and haters heads (dirty laundry seems to be more appealing than some kinds of truth).

“Give´m the old razzle, dazzle…razzle dazzle´m…” – I will. Let 2015 arrive and bring higher, happier, shinnier waves for me to ride on. I´m already curious to check what stories will show up at my door: how does she do it?! How? I´ll show you how.


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