Embracing the new Ride (2015*)


Nothing less than that*

Management never seemed more precious: knowing where to spend our resources (energy, focus, time) is more valuable than gold or diamonds. I´ve been taking this course for a while and I must add: I´m almost graduating. Things, subjects or people that don´t add something positive to my life don´t deserve to exist in it. Bam(!): garbage and see you (or not) in our next life. It sounds harsh, I know – I also used to think so before I learnt a few essential lessons. When you know better, you do better – I think Maya Angelou said it. I agree.

10410943_896986933669224_641442049836870150_n2015 will open with another convent period – working with my editor on my upcoming book, making sure only my best (for now) is published; it also starts with my ON LINE PRIVATE CLASSES – full blast -; with a major cleaning operation and a BIG MOVE that will be announced in its own time.

Trips around the world – teaching, performing and lecturing – are already scheduled and new dreams are on the horizon (the most daring of all, according to moi memme). Asking all the Muses and Angels to keep themselves by my side, whispering their songs in my ears.

See you all on the other side of the rainbow (2015!)*********************


Grateful for so many beautiful souls who have enriched my life so far: friends (and enemies, the great masters and disguised supporters), lovers, students, fellow dancers, teachers, sponsors spread around the world, kind strangers. You keep my faith in Humanity alive*

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