Where is the gold?

10847940_892051664169031_835118636302384530_nA happy, healthy, successful, abundant year behind me + most of the Christmas cooking done with my mum + a house filled with family and our beloved animals + orange (from the sweets) scent covering the whole atmosphere + the fireplace beaming with joy and a Santa Claus visit tenderly planned for tonight.
If this is not TOTALITY, I don´t know what it may be.

Fleeting moments of miraculous LIFE disguised in ordinary deeds: a call from a real friend (“I just called to say you inspire me to be whatever I dream to be”); laughing at jokes with my naughty father; the discovery of a new passion where emptiness used to reign; the sun kissing our sorrows goodbye – I´m so grateful for knowing exactly where the gold* is.


P.S: 2014 Christmas plans: I´ll play Santa Claus this year (my father usually plays that role).
It doesn´t take a genius to see, in advance, what will happen: my niece is going to freak out when she sees me playing Santa, white beard and all that jazz; I´ll crack up in laughter so bad (or so good) that I´ll pee in my Santa Claus pants; the rest of the family will film the deed.

Ah…Wonder*ful memories in the making. Love Christmas.

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