Recently found vocation: Holly Space Creator*

10584080_10203494210489777_2475424465237078453_nSpace is important to me (internal & external space): virtual or material (two sides of the same coin), it doesn´t matter. What REALLY matters is to create spaces that mirror and dignify the best of my soul.

I dream of creating spaces that are as beautiful and powerful as a lotus flower:
the spaces where I teach (seminars with hundreds of students; smaller groups; private lessons; lectures);
the spaces where I perform (the stage is my temple and the dance floor I step on is heaven); my blog, fan page, book(s). All of these bridges can be BREATHING spaces where everybody feels inspired, loved and loving.

Profession: Holly Space Creator. Yep, it fits me just right.

P.S: I guess I´ve just found my 2015 map 🙂


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