Flowers blooming*


Public pleasures. Private pleasures.

Public recognition. Private recognition.

Public success. Private success.

Public love. Private love (the only one).

I´ve always believed it: everything is more interesting behind closed doors; the shadow; what the newspapers and marketing experts don´t speak about; the chamber hidden in the castle´s wall; what the distracted eye doesn´t see – what the Heart sees.

Teaching Oriental Dance to women – thousands of dancers around the world – is more than a public successful enterprise. For me, it´s about THAT* sparkle that suddenly shows up in their eyes (it always does, thanks God) when they OPEN up and start to understand/feel dance as a tool of self-discovery.

I guide them towards dance, that´s true and predictable, but what makes my heart sing is guiding them towards themselves: to see them flourishing: tiny seeds at first, little flowers blooming, day by day, dance step by dance step – then (BAM!) full Spring, a rebirth, a celebration with fruits of their own gardens.

As I guide these flowers and work towards their blooming, I do the same for myself. Here´s one of the magic points of this Journey: what I give, I receive multiplied. Their petals are my petals; can you see it?

Grateful and in awe of all the Beauty there is in this world*********************10649469_10153292787201416_1083546800390335167_n

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