It´s a brand new World: Joana Saahirah PRIVATE ON LINE CLASSES*

10421989_1458458771064829_7963125101822826149_nNever say never. I said I would never teach on the internet and I got busted – blissfully busted. Who knew this could be such a powerful bridge between me and dancers all over the world?

I´m LOVING my new PRIVATE ON LINE COURSES (go figure!).

It´s a new medium – with its particular limitations and potential – and it´s connecting me with dancers from USA, Japan, Slovenia, Germany, Spain and counting. I travel to perform and teach but my time with dancers is limited to a weekend or a week, if we´re really lucky. I leave those dancers behind hoping they´ll have digested some of what I taught and use it in the future. Yet…you cannot compete with time and repetition (or their absence). If they don´t have regular access to my lessons, it´s obvious most of what I want to communicate gets lost.

My On Line Private Courses are changing the situation – BIG time. No matter where I am, I can keep teaching dancers for a considerable length of time and actually SEE the results of my work.

Add to that the fact that we´re dealing with a machine – a computer between us – and that obstacle (for me it is still an obstacle) is also a challenge. How can I compensate for the fact that dancers are not physically present during the class? We work on Skype, face to face – no pre-recorded videos, thank you very much. I need to see the person moving and guide them according to what they´re doing at every single moment; I also need them to SEE me, feel my pauses, my questions and my notes while the class is taking place.

The most interesting point about this new teaching tool is the way we can GUESS each other´s sou11601_887156201308258_6162394282101985106_nl through a camera as well as the new creative ways of reaching that person. Nothing beats human contact, physical presence, that breath of the same air shared by two or more people in a room but the world moves ahead (so must we).

If we just keep our eyes and our faith open, we see the new possibilities this crazy world keeps offering. Evolution and adaptation seem to be the new basic survival tools – they have probably always been. Old jobs, ways of living and thinking are disappearing and giving place to a new way of living, working and communicating. Above that: I can see it: a new way of BEING HUMAN and relating to other people through energy, intuition, thought and higher levels of perception we haven´t consciously used until now.


Every dancer I have taught, so far, on my ON LINE PRIVATE LESSONS has been a joyful journey full of discoveries, pleasures, essential learning curves and, strangely enough, human connection.

L-O-V-I-N-G every second of this new world**********************

For infos about my lessons, feel welcome to email me (


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