Wishing upon star*

10849873_903813436309201_3364915278356775006_nThis Christmas will find me as traditional as they come: cooking with my mum, exchanging gifts by midnight and listening to Christmas´carols. As I often say: I´m such a Catholic! The culture we were born in defines us in ways that escape our understanding or control.

I´ve seen it – too clearly, perhaps – in Egypt: the way pseudo-religion, family, traditions and even politics shape people´s behaviour and I cannot fairly say I´m untouched by my origins. It´s not that they´re so jailed and I´m soooo free. I try to be as free as I can but, in one way or another, I´m also stuck to the karma of the place where I was born and raised. Deal with it!

Christmas craze it is: aside from editing my upcoming book and teaching my WONDERful ON LINE PRIVATE CLASSES, you will find me wearing a red cap, eating traditional sweets under the mistletoe and wishing upon a Star*. I´m even trying to convince my mother to join me for 24th December midnight mass at the church (dream on, baby…).

Refilling our hearts with faith goes beyond religion and culture and this is what this season is all about.

Wishing the whole world a warm, loving and merry Christmas*

P.S: Guess what I will be wishing for?


A post about Christmas could never be complete without Jude Law.


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