Gratitude List*

10346311_1489798551249421_630141717956601958_nChristmas wishes are cool but I prefer Gratitude Lists: naming what you already have/are and being thankful for it instead of just pointing out what you don´t have/are.

It´s easy to lose track of the Thanksgiving spirit when you pay attention to the state of the world. A few days ago, I caught a glimpse of a documentary on Syria and the survivors who are still there, managing to breathe in the middle of the absurd war. How can this be? How little have we evolved as a race? Wars are still big businesses and greed, money and ignorance still rule the world. HOW THE HELL CAN THIS BE?!

I had no tears to deliver; I felt dry, a zombie. I watched those children, their destroyed houses, the stupidity that makes it possible and felt like there was no point on moving on. Feeling grateful for what? For my own, personal, little safe nook? For my own victories and joys? What about other people – who could be me at any given time? What about the rest of the world?

Living is tricky, that´s not fresh news. Once you see the big picture – outside of your own private space -, you realize how much evilness, injustice and brutality is out there (inside of us, actually).

Then it strikes me as obvious: every single drop of water builds the Ocean. I may not be able to end the war in Syria (am I?). I can add peace, creativity, love and POSITIVE empowerment to the world in my own way and I can allow myself to smile, despite what´s going on around me (can I?). I can allow myself the luxury of feeling THANKFUL for the Light and the Good there is also in our world. I can dare to dream (can I?), despite all odds.

I like to believe so and therefore offer myself the gift of having a GRATITUDE LIST, short and straight to the point:

1. Health. What makes it all possible.

2. Passion for life. Glad to be alive, curious and strong to throw myself into continuous adventures.

3. Family and friends – a well protected circle of people who love me for who I am and stand by me with the same loyalty I stand by them.

4. Doing what I love and being appreciated for it. My job(s) are my dreams come true.

5. Love – inside and around me.

6. Creative compulsion and inspirations that never stop flowing*

7. Homes all over the world – today I´m here, tomorrow I´m there – always at home, warm, protected, welcomed.

8. Opportunities to develop my career into dimensions I dreamt of and beyond. They keep coming and I keep making the best of them.

9. The Big School this Life is. I´m constantly learning and that in itself makes me feel alive.

10. Nature, animals, synchronicity, happy surprises and unhappy surprises that take me exactly where I´m supposed to go.

11. Today and forever (I hope): my well kept innocence and the faith in people.

12. The absense of “what if´s”: I say, feel and do exactly what´s in my heart at all times. I´ve bumped into walls – fair enough. But I have no regrets, no frustrations and absolutely no “what if´s” hanging from my belt. Do you know what this means? Peace. Inner peace, ladies & gentleman, it´s the thing I´m mot grateful for.

13. A heart that keeps healing itself and getting ready to open up and love (the ultimate act of courage) and a mind that keeps expanding, never settling for stale convictions.

14. Having an horizon to follow. Those children in Syria had their own, no matter how dark their reality is. How can I dare not to have one as well?!

2014 was fabulous but I have a feeling 2015 will be better in every possible and (im)possible way.



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