Christmas homework*


Errr…hhmmmm….really? Are you sure?! Ahhhh…ok.

Ain´t it curious? I´m constantly returning to the definition of success. It´s inevitable to enter this particular home and surrender at its fireplace feet: forgiveness. It´s Christmas, after all, and traveling with a heavy luggage on my back is not the smartest thing to do.

End of the year: balance of this and that: trying to figure out what needs to stay behind and what needs to be taken on the roads ahead. I return to Success therefore to Forgiveness (synonimous, I have learnt).

Life´s funny…brutal in its immense potential for gasping, the search for answers, for air, sense and nonsense, probably love. Is that the answer? To success? To Forgiveness? To Life? I know close to zero but I´m a curious searcher – here we go…

This Christmas homework is clearly stated on the blank page: do your cleaning, girl! FORGIVE (yourself and others with the same compassion and tenderness). Hard to let go of these chains – yet essential. I don´t want to survive and let my heart sink in the common flood: I want and deserve to LIVE and there´s no life without that lightness of Being that arrives after the burden is left behind: the burden of the pain, sadness and disappointment.

We´ve all been a target and an agent of pain, haven´t we? Knowingly or not, consciously or not – we´ve been on the hot spot. Damn it! Damn the ashes of fires that are no more. Blessed be the present moment, purified of tears and resentment, light enough to make us fly higher towards an ever evolving notion of success.

From every possible definition, this is my favourite: success is the power to forgive ourselves and others. No other act of courage brings us close to our divine nature than this. No medal or external prizes required. Merry Christmas, everyone!


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