Picture perfect or Magic* – which one do you choose?

1497658_10153376408536416_8810668497471496980_nHere´s s new choice every dancer of our time has to make: do I perform for the picture/video or do I perform for my audience? Do I create a moment worth EXPERIENCING by my (physically) present audience and myself or do I dismiss that experience and move towards the cameras? Am I in or out of myself (as a person; as a dancer).

Which way to go?

Internet craze is changing every single aspect of our lives –  people twitter themselves in the bathroom, for God´s sake! Dance is included in this Big Brother Age.

If we talk about Egyptian Oriental Dance, the subject becomes trickier: the most important, magical, heart touching, goosebumps aspects of this art cannot be captured by machines. Forget about it: you have to BE THERE and BE PRESENT (not hidden behind your dear camera) in order to feel the Mystery this dance brings. Key word: feel. Here´s one of the secrets of Oriental Dance (and to life, sorry for the repetition of the obvious): to be present and to feel, instead of absent and throwing your dance on a lens that cuts the link that make us ONE.

aaaaaabbbbbI´ve mentioned the concept in my book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” and it´s starting to be used by an increasing number of  dancers/teachers.

It´s getting under a lot of people´s skin and I´m glad for it. I call it the Inner Dance, the ENERGY that comes out from a dancer as opposed to her/his external movements. Now: PAUSE:

I kindly request the mercy of the Haters – just because – Patrol: I am NOT saying what you see is not important and I believe Youtube and every channel that allow us to share our work and visions can be wonder*ful if rightly used. Yet I have to return to the main point: what makes Egyptian Oriental Dance (and life) magical CANNOT be captured by machines. In other words: we are not machines yet (although it seems  we´re heading there).

We´re left with a choice: we can dance for the camera and have perfect, cute, photogenic material spread all over the internet (great for promotion) OR we put that promotion aside and focus on creating REAL, HUMAN, MAGICAL (another key word: magical*) experiences that our audiences will remember for the rest of their lives. Notice something else: what makes those audiences remember your performance is not the polished, polite, pretty set of movements you´ve arranged but the HEART you deliver on stage and the way you touch your audiences soul.

Which one will you go for? Camera or Magic*?

I´ve made my choice a long time ago and I haven´t regretted it so far. BjQxVLMCIAAZhBn

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