Say something…

aaaaa bbbbb dddddd gggggg There´s a recent pop song that goes like this: “say something, I´m giving up on you...”

I ain´t giving up on you, whoever you may be, but I wish you say something if you´re a DANCER, a musician or any kind of creator.

Most of my work in Cairo, Egypt, was dominated by the daunting task of orchestrating my musicians. (Long story...).

I found no one who could do it as well (or better) than me so I had to pull my sleeves up and do the best I could, trusting the tools I had at my disposal (ears, intuition, brains and heart).

Orchestrating – like dancing or writing – presumes the ability to FILTER the information you´re trying to communicate: cutting the accessory and keeping the ESSENCIAL.

As I work with different orchestras around the world (damn… I miss my Egyptian musicians!), I realize that not everyone is trained that way: to say something meaningful, to cut the crap, the boring repetitions, the empty words (sounds, movements): the backbone to save what´s IMPORTANT and let go of the superficial.

Refraining from the blah, blah, blah (empty talk) and going straight to the CORE of the music/dance is something I rarely find. My musicians, in Egypt, used to get it easier than anyone else I met so far. They knew exactly what I meant by “cutting the crap”. Plus: Egyptian audiences are merciless and that´s great, as far as I´m concerned. The moment we offered an empty moment on stage, they would lose interest or express their distaste in a colorful, vivid manner.

If an orchestra gives me empty, repetitive, mechanical musical phrases, I´ll be a reflection of that emptiness, repetitive and mechanical music. I´m stuck there and it kills me. I cannot dance what I don´t hear.

If a dancer LISTENS to the music and is connected with it on an umbilical cord level (as she/he ought to be), there´s no  escape from the co-dependence. Music and Dancer are one – therefore it´s important that the orchestra knows exactly what it´s saying. It has to SAY SOMETHING – otherwise I (the dancer) am screwed.

Another challenge, another awakening. So much road  conquered – so much more ahead 🙂

Yallah: let´s do IT*********************jjjjjj

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