LdB Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece (the power of the heart)*


Show pictures by André Elbing*

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It´s funny how a lover of words (like me) tends to be speecheless in the moments when words are most needed.

Can images or silence speak for 1000 words, as they say?!

Literature goes as far as it can but certain territories are so pure no product of the mind can touch them. I´ll try the im-POSSIBLE 😉

Everybody defines happiness and success in their own personal way. For me, applause and public recognition are wonder*ful consequences of my work and career purpose but they´re not what REALLY makes my heart sing – what usually makes me feel on track are unseen, background gifts.

LdB Festival – organized by the fabulous duet: Nikolas Kazakos and Lia Verra – was a great exemple of my definition of Happiness and Success: I could feel the respect, tenderness and care from the moment I received the invitation to be an invited Artist/Teacher at the event.

Professionalism and efficiency were present from the first message exchange and those two go a long way with me but there´s more: the SPIRIT of the event was visible from the start: a generous wave of love, positive energy, passion for dance, CAN DO attitude (a diamond!) and the ambition to do something on EXCELLENCE level in every single detail.

The reason WHY the organizers – also artists and teachers – decided to create this festival was clear. Simply superb. I can only wish that spirit never goes away; I can only wish Nikolas and Lia never lose their initial dream and keep dealing with all their guest the way they did with me.

You can feel when something is done with/from the heart. Do you know how? It reaches your heart. Remember the Classic:

what comes from the heart goes to the heart (and this was exactly what LdB festival was for me).

Here I send my gratitude, love and appreciation towards the organizers, collaborators and participants of the festival. Keep rocking with your heart, dear ones – that´s what makes you special; that´s what will always make us stand out from the crowd.


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