In The Zone*

1798508_882880918402453_8712844395412001535_nComplaining about a subject has never solved it – I know it. Notheless, I´m human (until proof of the contrary). Sometimes, I complain: I get exhausted: I whisper words of relative despair: I feel I want to throw the towel on the floor and call it quits.

Then survival instinct comes to our rescue and Life happens with its unique way of breaking us apart and gluing back all the pieces when we least expect it. It´s not easy to stay rooted in the midst of the storms and still we have to try.

Among other pearls, my last trips around the world reminded me of the CENTRE towards which I must dance, write and live: LOVE.

I often mention “being in the channel” during my workshops. That means a lot of things: being in the PRESENT; being inside your own heart; listening to the music and let it invade your soul in way all your movements come from there; reconnecting all the dots: body, mind, heart and soul.

Despite all storms and harsh winds, I am permanently reminded there´s only One way to Oriental Dance (and Life): LOVE.

Sounds corny, perhaps a cliché. I don´t care because I know it´s true.


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