Dear Haters Patrol…


First things first: I have to thank those friends, students and sponsors who keep supporting me, my work, my vision and my name. They can be very protective when it comes to haters and envy agents. I appreciate your love, care and concern. Still…let´s face the facts:

1. Success and happiness – especially when you enjoy them without having sold your soul to the devil – will always provoke envy in frustrated and unhappy people. “I want a piece of THAT cake” is a classic. If you´ve reached a considerable recognition for your job (a job you love: oh, the sin of sins!) and you are publicly happy at it, I don´t think you can get away without being the target of gossip, bad mouthing, hate and fictional (often hilarious) stories about our life. You just can´t so you better embrace it. Take the great and then take the bad as well and wrap it with a red ribbon.

Can there be sun without moon or light without darkness?

2. The ones who lose their time and energy by focusing on the people they hate/envy/wish to be like are nothing but sad folks who deserve (I´m working on this one…) our compassion. We can see the small or the big picture: some folks attacks us for no reason; others hate us just because; anothers will go out of their way to harm us just…well…just because they´re so desperate there´s nothing more interesting in their lives to be done. How pitiful is that?!

I don´t know a single person who has lived a full life and reached out for her/his dreams while hating, envying and bad mouthing other people. NOT HAPPENING. Truly successful people are too busy with their own lives, passions and adventures – their energy is never directed at destroying others but at the pleasure of building positive things, supporting one´s own dreams as well as other people´s dreams.

It´s a tough cookie to crack: love your enemies. Yet, honestly, there´s no much else we can do.

3. Let them bark and keep moving ahead with your caravan, Portuguese usually say.

Nod, smile, send them a flower (just to piss them off a little bit further), wish them good while they´re stucking needles on a voodoo doll with your face on it. Let it be. Let it be. Let it be, sang John Lennon.

I´m planning on building a monument dedicated to the Haters & Envy Patrol – they need it the most. 


Just sayin´… 😉

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