A little bird told me: HONESTY*

10514516_784889364878982_4183032011805382289_nBut sometimes when I was starting a new story and I could not get it going, I would sit in front of the fire and squeeze the peel of the little oranges into the edge of the flame and watch the sputter of blue that they made. I would stand and lok out over the roofs of Paris and think, “Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.

“A moveable feast”, Ernest Hemingway

The more I travel and see the world (with dancers, teachers and pseudo-divas in it), the more I´m sure of a few things and totally unsure of many others. Honesty is one of those underrated qualities – in life, of course (if you´re totally honesty, they call you rude or, which is probably worse, dumb!), but in art as well – that makes the whole difference. It doesn´t matter how many fancy movements (in dance) or impressive words (in writing) you show off, nothing beats the power of HONEST communication.

Hemingway said it in this marvellous book I´m reading (yes: one of several: YES: I´m a freak of nature) and I´ve been doing and teaching it for years. It´s rare, precious and scary (because it exposes you and it makes you totally vulnerable). I know only a few people – dancers, actors, writers – who have the guts and confidence to let go of fireworks and go for the REAL THING. They´re Artists, not merchandise dealers. They´re also as brave as they come and, by God, how much do I love brave people!

It seems obvious to me: everybody is trying so hard to impress each other and clearly failing at it. Creating from a place of TRUTH seems quite blah, I get it. The results speak for themselves, though 🙂

The subject is not new: Oriental Dance is becoming a world fashion (be aware of fashions: they come and go…) and it´s losing its CORE along the way. If I had to define this ethereal, almost extinct core, I would say: HONESTY. 10517571_873650092649365_8756377223916378934_nNo acting, no diva crap, no 5th cathegory “Cirque du Soleil” – thank you very much; we want TRUTH – the truth of our hearts and souls – back. That´s all. Easy, isn´t it? 😉

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