The Story Teller*

1932615_887156294641582_2264913061499780755_oIt´s curious how some of the most important things we´ll ever learn (in art as in life) will not be taught by anyone but ourselves. don´t get me wrong: I appreciate, respect and see my teachers as pillars of my foundation, a precious horizon I never loose sight of but the LIFE CHANGING INSIGHTS, those discoveries that truly pave my path tend to come from the Master Within.


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The Story Teller* is one of those insights – an issue I approach in my book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond“. The seed may have come from my education as an Actress, no doubt; it also arises from a deep and compulsive curiosity that makes me observe the world in depth, discarding accessory information and focusing on the details nobody else seems to notice.

As a Dancer, I am a Story Teller. Nobody has ever told me that but the fact becomes clearer and clearer as I gather time, knowledge and experience. Never mind if you only dance at home, in front of your odd mirror, under your dog´s sweet gaze: that´s cool – you don´t have to think about telling a story. If you´re a professional dancer – or you wish to become one – or a performer of any kind, your craft is TELLING YOUR STORY (or stories). Don´t be mistaken or distracted by movements, glitter, glamour, gaga show off, empty choreographies. Nobody cares about them anymore. Oriental Dance is not exotic – that ship has sailed. Everybody has seen – in one way or another – some kind of Oriental Dance and we´re all OVER entertained 24 hours per day: television, radio, wifi on mobiles, pcs, tablets, you name it. To entertain today´s audiences is not the same as it was 10 years ago – not even 5 years ago. Or maybe it is (in some basic ways).

Forget the movement cathalogs, the “I´m going to impress them with my stomach tricks”, the bellydance parafernalia of veils, swords, snakes and the devil. TELLING A STORY – body, mind, heart and soul – is what Oriental Dance has always been about: it´s the nature of this dance and it´s finally starting to be understood as such.

What brings me to my next question: what kind of story do you have to tell? See: here´s why it´s so important to fill your inner garden with flowers: you TELL the STORIES that live inside you: YOU TELL the STORY of WHO YOU ARE. Make sure it´s (you´re) interesting and worth watching/listening/feeling/understanding.

P.S. Falling in love with my craft(s) all over again.


Photographed by my mother at her garden: some kind of Bliss*

P.S.2 Some times we just have to breathe deeply, re-center ourselves and trust life

(please, God, give me a break, will ya´?

It always does 🙂 ) 

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