The Power of Appreciation (on my way to Mother Russia)

Joana Saahirah in Petrozavodsk 29,30 november 2014

Northern Arabia Festival in Petrozavodsk, on 29-30th November. Sponsored by Tatiana Dubrovina*

Let me tell you something: criticism and people who try to put you down can be, in a twisted but very effective way, a great push towards success but APPRECIATION is what really allows us to fly.

Impossible not to have it in mind as I prepare to head, once more, to Russia (one of those special places I call “my homeland”). That´s exactly what I felt every time I taught and performed there: received like a star and a respected professional but, above that, as a daughter of the land. I´ve never felt on foreign land while in Russia and every departure has been a brief “see you later” note filled with happy memories, sincere love and tears in my eyes (tears of joy and inspiration because there´s nothing more uplifting for creators than being appreciated and respected for they do).

First stop: St. Petersburg, one of my dream cities.

Second stop: Petrozavodsk for “Northern Arabia” Festival sponsored by the passionate and wonder*ful Tatiana Dubrovina.

Dancers joining us from 10 different cities; show, workshops and competitions where I know, for sure, I´ll see some of the most talented dancers in the world. Can´t wait to get back home – one more lovely home in this lovely world of mine.

10501992_810050785685467_684066625925703500_nJoana Saahirah and

“The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”

bringing back the Soul of Oriental Dance to Russia********************

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