Back to where we´ve started (all over again)*

1795787_10152676441141350_6404110729941725814_nEvery once in a while I have to make a conscious effort to re-center myself. Life – with all its injustices, cruelty, disappointments and apparent incoherence – has a freaky way to throw us off balance when we least expect it (even if we´re Buddhist monks, I guess).

The trunk of this tree – me – is well aligned, strong, flexible enough, deeply rooted in the earth. Nonetheless, there comes a tempest, every now and then, that seems to attempt to uproot me and try to break me. How connected to the SOURCE (your CENTER) are you? – seems to be the enerving question/challenge. Yep: life loves to put us to the test.

Rage and despair – two emotions I try to avoid to the maximum of my will power – invade my garden and I forget who I am and why I´m here.

Keeping the tree rooted and straight up in times of tempest is a challenge – probably the hardest and most important of human life; not allowing any tempest to throw you to the ground and loose the love, the light, the faith that keep you going: now THAT´S COURAGE and, probably, the ART OF LIVING.

Here we go, once again…getting back to where we´ve stated:


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