On the Road (Russia and Greece are next on JoanaSaahirah World Agenda)*

178974_596291083728106_401731213_nNo matter how much merit we have, how honestly we´ve fought for our goals or how much we deserve to accomplish our dreams, we should never take victories and success for granted. Keeping our feet on the ground is a MUST for every frequent flier.

On the Road again and THANKFUL: Russia and Greece are next on my world agenda and my compromise to bring back the Soul of Oriental Dance is more alive than ever, joining me on the trips. Teaching, performing, judging and lecturing in two amazing countries (and festivals) with people who believe in me, in my work and Vision*

Joana Saahirah of CairoMy book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” will be there, in both countries, spreading a little bit more LIGHT* into the lives of so many dancers whom, I know, will feel inspired and empowered by it.

In immense humbleness, joy and love I work to deliver my best. Nothing but the best.Joana Saahirah in Petrozavodsk 29,30 november 2014

1376554_10152787266969886_3900572975526129174_nFor more infos about these events, feel welcome to email me (dancemagica@gmail.com).

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