Joana Saahirah and “The Secrets of Egypt” in China (July 2015)!

10304640_806479732747472_1258934045441640999_n I have to be fair: no year of my life has ever been free of challenges, major joys and permanent success (thanks God!) – even in the midst of the biggest personal crisis and the problems every one of us go through, my dance career has been a constant flight (or hiking) up the mountain with rare pauses for some rest or a cup of tea ;).

2015 is no exception: we haven´t wrapped up 2014 and I´m already booked to teach, perform and lecture in major events in several corners of the globe.

China is another country confirmed on my WORLD AGENDA and this is all I have to say: honoured, excited, humbled and proud – as always.

Bringing back the Soul of Oriental Dance, one country at a time (or the world by storm).

Joana Saahirah of Cairo World Tour

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