Be*coming (someone; somewhere)

10372748_606929019405198_5309619197319030930_nIt takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
e. e. cummings

Oprah magazine – my favourite magazine in the whole world – has a section called “What I know for sure” (written by Oprah). As much as I´d like to say I know this and that for sure, experience has shown me I can´t. Being sure is just a milimeter from being dead (or not living at all which ends up in the same place).

What do I know for sure? I know I cannot know a damn thing for sure – that´s for sure! Building myself and allowing life to build me up as well may be the only thing we can be certain of and a privilege in itself. If we agree that living is better than being dead (and some of us will disagree), I´m almost sure there´s nothing higher than this: growing up and becoming who I really am (which changes with time, circumstances, life experience and its digestion, growth, etc).

Most people never become THEMSELVES: they fit the mold others choose for them. I believe – although I´m not sure – that shelf must be quite comfortable (everybody pats you on the back when you´re like everybody else). Not for me though. I need air to breathe and an open question mark, unanswered, thriving on the Search, never quite revealing the Key to the Mysteries. I need to own my UNCERTAINTY, the fact that I know nothing and am open to everything (preference given to the happy, beautiful, kind side of the street).

Building this castle of mine and proud of the many Joanas I meet along the way.

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